“Smart Drugs”: Modafinil Use

When someone uses the term, drug(s), the first thought or feeling to come to mind is of negativity. Media states negative outcomes of drugs, specifically drugs that are more sought after in the streets and intense enough to cause financial troubles for a person and/or their family or death. What about the drugs that don’t cause such horrific outcomes? “Smart Drugs” are becoming the new trend and trending for the better. One drug in consideration is Modafinil (or brand name Provigil).


 Modafinil is a tablet varying in milligrams, taken by mouth and prescription only. Classified as a schedule CIV, this Nootropic drug isn’t easy to obtain unless a doctor sees fit for a patient. Usually, Modafinil is prescribed for conditions such as: narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, or sleep apnea. Seekers of this drug who aren’t victims of such conditions, admire this tablet because it is greatly known for the awakening-promoting agent. This agent, when not abused, can benefit a person at their job or students attending high school or college.

 “Smart Drugs” such as this, usually come without the negative side effects. One tablet of varying milligrams can last anywhere from six to eight hours, the average work or schooling hours a person attends. Lessening of fatigue, but improving motivation is the main reason Modafinil is sought after and taken. Other effects include improved mood, less or no procrastinating on tasks at work or studying for school, and cognitive functioning is heightened for better job tasks due to quick thinking and overall better behavior from this tablet’s administration.

 With no crash, withdrawals, or jitters, this is safe for adults to take daily, preferably in the morning with or without food before the day begins. Considered as non-addictive, a person may be prescribed this medication for any length of time that the doctor thinks is necessary, however, the extended use of Modafinil has shown cases of headaches and/or anxiety depending on the patient and how or why they were taking it. With appropriate use and a person taking care of themselves overall, side effects are slim to none. Users who abuse the drug to prevent sleep for even more task completions, can experience sickness because they are then choosing not to sleep when humans all need this. Side effects are then derived from that lack of sleep and not the drug itself.

 Without a prescription, Modafinil can be purchased online. Anything of this sort can be bought and sold online from sites all over the internet but isn’t guaranteed safe. Buying Modafinil without a prescription and from locations other than a retail pharmacy poses a threat just as much as seeking it on the streets. It is not recommended to be obtained this way because just as similar as asking, “Do you believe everything you read on the internet?”, should any person believe that buying medication online is just as safe as getting it from a doctor.


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